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Akcos was formed when seven sufferers of kidney cancer met on an international list serve, and realised that there was very little support or information available for this rare cancer, this is our attempt to remedy this situation.

This is a co-operative site, intended for support and sharing of information, and will only be of help if everyone shares whatever they have discovered, whether this be good doctors, new treatments being offered, anything that you might think is relevant.

Please return often, and add to the wealth of experience we hope to gather here. Treatment options are increasing, there is Hope, and never forget...... Miracles DO Happen...


Please visit The Forum, where you will find messages from others battling this disease, links to other information, lists of current treatment options we have found, news headlines, including breaking cancer news, and an opportunity to meet others in the same boat you are in.

Please get involved, post your message in the discussion page, add anything to our lists, a web site you have found helpful, anything at all you have found about treatments. There is so little information about this rare cancer, that even the tiniest scrap of information can help someone else...


We have a new improved forum,  please join and introduce yourself.

Our old forum at Community Zero will gradually be moved over to the new site,  please be patient...


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This is a non-profit service, and we wish to keep it free for everyone,  but we would appreciate a small donation to help defray costs. 




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